A web based wms is always a link in the total supply chain management and does not operate in a vacuum. CORAX wms looks for the optimum connection between the different links in the supply chain but also between its users and stakeholders


CORAX web based wms makes this connection by:

  • Interfacing with other systems through the CORAX API;
  • An optimum connection with and between the people on the shop floor through our app;
  • Accessibility via any device anywhere in the world;
  • Through a user-friendly interface which is easy to understand for everybody;
  • By assisting you with our 24/7 support anywhere in the world.

1. Interfacing with CORAX API

Interfacing with other systems is easy to realize with the CORAX API (Application Programming Interface). Automated data exchange between you and your business partners, whatever software you are using, is standard with CORAX wms.

web based wms

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2. Connection with and between the people on the shop floor

People on the shop floor have access to the CORAX app. The CORAX app is a replacement of the RF module (RF = Radio Frequency). You could furnish all forklift trucks with a tablet, which means that your staff have all the required information at their fingertips.

3. Web based wms

For the current manager, being able to switch quickly on the basis of real-time reports is crucial. Which is why information from the CORAX wms system is quick, clearly laid out and accessible from any device anywhere in the world.

4. A user-friendly interface

The CORAX web based wms is extremely user-friendly. The layout of the screens is intuitive and is designed in such a way that the user will find it easy to navigate through it. Extensive training is therefore not necessary; every new colleague will quickly be able to work with the wms. You can easily configure the system by using Smart Wizards.

5. 24/7 Support

A solution to a problem is never far away with our 24/7 support. As your operation may be running day and night, we are always ready to assist. 24 hour per day, 7 days per week. A reassuring thought. In addition, our support team is continuously involved in proactive monitoring. We monitor your logistical systems remotely and are able to intervene at an early stage if the situation demands this. Often you will not be aware of this; in this way we prevent the situation getting out of hand.

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