Warehouse management software of the future! Money, resources and time are scarce. A good wms saves your company money.


CORAX wms recognizes the importance of the efficient use of resources and people. CORAX warehouse management software works on your warehouse efficiency by:

1. Offering flexible subscriptions on the basis of users instead of annual licenses;
2. Using smart algorithms which optimize the entire warehouse process;
3. Using barcode scanning and automatic identification;
4. Having access to the entire wms via the cloud, making the management of own hardware unnecessary;
5. Growing with your company.

1. Subscriptions versus Licenses

CORAX wms is an SaaS wms: Software as a Service. You pay for the use in the form of a subscription which can be cancelled on a monthly basis. This means that you do not buy a license for the use of the entire product, but only require a subscription for the modules you are using.

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2. Optimization through smart algorithms

How can you save even more money in your warehouse with our warehouse management software? Our smart algorithms allow savings on the deployment of people and resources. CORAX wms guides the warehouse efficiency processes with an allocation algorithm; this ensures that there are optimum picking and storing strategies available. In this way you can be sure that your space and time is being used in the best possible way.

3. Barcode scanning and automatic identification

In CORAX wms we automatically process and register the actions on the shop floor via barcode scanning and automatic identification. This means error reduction, real-time insight and fewer administrative burdens. This is how you can make may cost savings in the warehouse.

4. Storage and management in the cloud

Because CORAX wms stores your data in the cloud, you do not need on-premises hardware for the wms and can save costs for your warehouse. It runs and is maintained in the cloud. This makes the costs of the management and maintenance of hardware unnecessary.

5. Growing with and cushioning fluctuations in your business

CORAX wms is scalable, which means that you pay per user. If your business grows, CORAX grows with it. In this way, the cost pattern adjusts in line with the size of your operation. It also allows you to cushion seasonal fluctuations, during the Christmas or Valentine’s Day rush, for example. Our support is also scalable. You pay for what you use!

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