Strong growth

Picnic has taken online shopping in the Netherlands to a new level. Consumers place their orders using the Picnic app. The items ordered are then delivered by electric vehicles on the date and at the time selected in advance. Because the app makes it possible to follow the route of the vehicle, users do not have to wait unnecessarily for deliveries. Currently active in 57 cities, and still increasing. Recently, Picnic started in Germany as well. The online supermarket currently has 150,000 customers, of which approximately 70 percent are regular customers. The business is an unprecedented success.

Innovation is key

Picnic has used Davanti’s CORAX warehouse management system to manage its warehouse logistics since the launch of its operations in 2015. Although Picnic developed a large part of its own IT infrastructure, the company nevertheless decided to use the scalable CORAX system for logistics operations within the warehouse. The decision was based primarily on the fact that this innovative cloud solution fits well within Picnic’s IT infrastructure. CORAX grows with Picnic’s growth. The number of WMS users can be increased or reduced at any time.

The process

Picnic’s process starts with the order placed by the consumer by means of the Picnic app on the smartphone. The consumer uses the app to specify the products and quantities that he or she wishes to receive. The consumer also specifies the delivery date and time and the delivery address. All orders arrive in Picnic’s systems. Items are purchased from suppliers on the basis of the consumers’ orders. The items are then delivered to the warehouse at the beginning of the day. CORAX is used to generate records of items received and direct each item to the best storage location in the warehouse. Choices that best suit Picnic’s processes are made on the basis of smart workflows.
In addition, CORAX generates picking orders that enable a large number of order pickers to simultaneously move through the warehouse as efficiently as possible. Containers on carts make it possible for order pickers to collect items for several customers at the same time.

The process is completed by sending the containers on dispatch frames. Workflows are used to determine the right location for the container concerned. The routes of the electric Picnic vehicles are taken into account to ensure optimal efficiency. The specific route is then determined by Picnic’s transport management system (TMS).

CORAX works on every device. All you need is a web browser and Internet access. CORAX is easy to configure. There are no long lead times. In addition, because of the user-friendly design, only a short period of training is required.