Our History

Because of our long history, our employees have seen many warehouses and have spoken to many customers. Thus, we are well aware of what our cutsomer base is doing. Our people know what they are talking about.

  • 1981

    Start-up of Computer Project Uitvoering (CPU)

    By Henk van Voorst en Fokko Keizer. CPU focused on PC and minicomputer applications and deployment.

  • 1985

    Start Development of MLS wms

    CPU starts with the development of MLS wms for the Verenigde Distributie Bedrijven in Den Bosch. Built for a narrow aisle high-rise warehouse with barcode and RF (avant la lettre).


  • 1992

    Major Growth

    In 1990 MLS switched to 4GL (Fourth Generation Programming Language). Since 1992, the company has been experiencing major growth and the company welcomes customers who are still customers of Davanti, such as Kwantum Netherlands, Flora Holland, Kuehne + Nagel (Van der Heijden), Gebr. Huybregts, Ploeger Logistics and Vandemoortele. Furtermore, implementations are effected in France, Poland, Belgium, UK, the Irish Republic and Iceland.

  • 1997

    CPU becomes part of ICL in Maarssen.

    From this year, Eimskip, NewCold and Jan Linders are our valued customers.


  • 1998

    MLS Progress Award Winning WMS

  • 2001

    ICL becomes part of Fujitsu Services in Maarssen


  • 2007

    Management Buy Out & the establishment of Davanti Warehousing BV

  • 2010

    Start with developing Cloud wms CORAX


  • 2014

    The launching of CORAX

  • 2018

    Davanti’s wms sold in 3 continents


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