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Davanti Strong in Consultancy

In addition to the CORAX Warehouse Management Software, Davanti Warehousing also offers Consultancy services. Whatever issues concerning inventory management, the logistics process, availability...

Calyans CORAX Partner in France

Davanti is very pleased with its new CORAX Sales Partner in France: Calyans. This company has years of experience in warehouse management systems (WMS). They know the French WMS market very well...

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‘We chose CORAX wms because it is a cloud wms that gives us real-time insight into our processes and also communicates directly with our TMS with an interface.’

‘Davanti’s warehouse management systems give NewCold the competitive edge we strive for in our 8 cold storages on 3 continents.’

‘I had thoroughly studied the business case. Davanti’s professional approach ensured the success of the CORAX cloud WMS. Perfect cooperation made it the right choice. In retrospect, the right choice through perfect collaboration!’


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