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Davanti is a specialist in warehouse logistics and likes to keep you informed on our product developments and trends in the market.

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Calyans CORAX Partner in France

Davanti is very pleased with its new CORAX Sales Partner in France: Calyans. This company has years of experience in warehouse management systems (WMS). They know the French WMS market very well...

Lanark CORAX Partner in Belgium

Davanti is very pleased with its new CORAX Sales Partner in Belgium: Lanark | Digital Supply Chain Engineers. Lanarks Digital Supply Chain Engineers are developing the supply chains of the...

The Impact of our WMSs at our Customers

What do our WMSs actually do for our customers? We thought it might be interesting and immediately dived into the data. Fortunately, you can consult all the data you want in our WMSs, so these...


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