MLS Premium

MLS is the inteligent WMS for running complex logistical processes


MLS Premium is particularly suitable for mechanized warehouses. MLS Premium runs highly automated warehouses all over the world. The software can also be integrated with a MFCS (Material Flow Control System) which allows you to control and manage all movements in the warehouse.

Basic module with many functionalities

MLS Premium offers as standard functionality: Inbound​​, Stock management, Outbound including Labor Management, Interface Tools for ERP/MRP, Quality Control, Truck Load Planning, Cycle Counting.

Modular expansion is possible

MLS Premium is a rich WMS with addditional modules like: 3rd Party Logistics Warehousing, Customs, Tariffs, Charges of Logistical Services (e.g. VAL, RF Voice Picking, Dock Management, Packaging Management, Assembly, Storage of Dangerous Goods).

Specific wishes

MLS can be fully tailored to your needs and wishes. Our consultants are always at your disposal to investigate your operation and to give advice on the optimum control over your warehouse with the rich functionality of MLS Premium.

We are active in the following industries:

Logistical Service Providers

MLS can perfectly manage the processes of large logistical service providers. MLS can be tailored to your individual needs. Our customers in this industry include for example Kuehne +Nagel, NewCold and Müller Fresh Food Logistics.


MLS is also a strong WMS within the retailing industry. Regardless of the sector, they all work with MLS.

B2B & B2C

MLS premium can perfectly manage both B2B and B2C overflow. With MLS premium, it is possible to control both flows under one roof.

E-commerce & E-fulfillment

MLS has recently been further developed to meet the requirements of logistics within E-commerce warehousing.


Davanti is proud of its customers; we have been working together for years with many of our customers. Our customers are important players on the market who set high standards in terms of their suppliers. We cherish good cooperation with our customers. Product quality, services and employees are of paramount priority.

“Hollander Barendrecht realizes productivity increases in order picking and significant increases in their load factor with MLS Premium.”

““MLS Premium from Davanti provides – in combination with an MFCS – for the creation and execution of all movements and for the complete control of the operation.”

“Müller Fresh Food Logistics chose the broad functionality of MLS Premium and is very satisfied with the possibility to meet the wishes and requirements of its business relations in-house.”

“Kuehne + Nagel Logistics collects 3 to 4 times more volume by using unique Automatic Layer Pickers (ALPs) controlled by MLS Premium.”

“Jan Linders Supermarkten works to complete satisfaction with voice directed picking. In addition to a continuous focus and great freedom of movement, it contributes to the error reduction during the collection process. ”

“The WMS is crucial for the largest multi-channel distributor of office supplies in the UK and Ireland.”

“In combination with an MFCS, the processes in our warehouse run automatically, so fewer people are needed.”

“AGU has significantly improved delivery and service levels and already saves 30% on staff costs through the use of MLS Premium; this percentage will be even higher. ”

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