Media Relations

Davanti wants to share her knowledge and experience. Feel free to contact us for any media request.


Whom should I contact for media enquiries?

Please send your request to our Communications Officer, Ms. Trix van Veen, 088 34 54 500, [email protected]

Is there a mailing list I can be included in?

Yes, we have a registration form for subscribing to our newsletters and press releases. You can find it here: Subscription to Newsletters and Press Releases.

Where can I find company information about Davanti?

What is the policy for using photo and video materials?

Please credit all images owned by Davanti “Copy right: Davanti”. Please credit images taken by third party according to the caption attributed to the image concerned.

Trix van Veen

Trix van Veen

Communications Officer Davanti

+31 88 34 54 500
[email protected]

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