Kamps Transport

Need for better governance

Kamps Transport BV implemented the online warehouse management system CORAX at the end of September 2016 . The warehousing activities of Kamps had increased sharply which provoked the need for better management in the warehouse. Kamps Transport started to investigate the market of WMS’s and finally chose for CORAX with the goal to service its customers  better  with its wide range of warehouse operations.

At the warehouse of Kamps Transport

Speed and real-time

The two major advantages of CORAX in comparison with the former way of working are firstly the speed of processing in this system and secondly the  availability of real-time stock information. The processes, both in the office and on the floor, won time because the staff is now working with scanners; they do not work with pen and paper anymore. Because the CORAX software is intuitive, the employees were quickly accustomed to working with it. The management noticed that the staff experiences the WMS as a very pleasant system; the employees like thinking about the optimal use of it. The WMS acceptance readiness is very high.

About Kamps Transport

Kamps Transport is a family business, started in 1957. The second generation is now in charge; sister Alda and brother Bob Kamps together form the management. Kamps has offices in Pijnacker and Bergschenhoek with 10,000 m2 storage capacity, 41 trucks and 63 employees. In short, a complete logistics service provider for which high quality is the standard.

The transport of trucks and other trucks has become one of the important pillars of the company. Another important business activity is the processing of textile orders executed on behalf of an agent for a number of – fast growing – retailers. Furthermore, Kamps Transport BV transports everything that fits within the possibilities. The company provides the following logistics services:

• Intermodal transport: The company is specialized in intermodal transport, they have their own sales bins on the train.
• Forklifts transport and machine relocation, one of the main businesses is transporting trucks in all shapes and sizes (reach trucks, stackers, hand pallet truck and stacker trucks).
• Container transport of maritime containers to and from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp commissioned by several importers and exporters.
• Groupage transport: transportation of shipments in the Netherlands and neighboring countries.
• Warehousing: annually Kamps unloads an average of 1,200 containers per year with various goods, varying from boxes with textiles to big bags. The containers are sorted following the special wishes of the customers.
• The gas-measuring containers: the drivers are specially trained to measure potentially hazardous gases in containers.
• Customs: Kamps Transport BV AEO is certified