Eimskip, Denmark

Leading, international transporter

Eimskip is a leading North Atlantic transport company with connections to international markets. It specialises in worldwide freight forwarding services and has offices around the globe; revenue in 2018 was EUR 689m.

Eimskip has been a partner with Davanti since 2005 and MLS Premium WMS has successfully managed the warehouses in Reykjavik, Iceland, for many years now. Eimskip always wants to be ahead of the competition in the innovation of their logistic processes and strategy, and was very interested in the cloud- and web based WMS CORAX. When a challenge arose in one of Eimskip’s warehouses in Aarhus, Denmark, both Eimskip and Davanti quickly came to the conclusion that the new web- and cloud-based WMS CORAX would be the best possible solution.

Specialized in global expedition services

Within a very limited timescale, on time and within budget

In only a few weeks the CORAX team succeeded in implementing the innovative WMS at this site, together with Eimskip’s experienced WMS team.

First, the layout of the warehouse, which can hold around 9,000 pallets, was registered in CORAX. Most of the goods are stored in front racks but floor locations are also used to store large batches of pallets. Clients’ goods, which all have different characteristics, are stored in the warehouse.

After setting up the layout and the client details, the inventory was loaded into CORAX using the standard interface. The CORAX App was used to load stock into the system for the clients with less inventory.

Parallel to the configuration process, the Eimskip key users were trained in the CORAX application and the use of the CORAX App. The App can be downloaded from the appropriate web stores and is available for Android.

‘Eimskip wants to be a leader in logistics innovation; that’s why we decided to implement CORAX in our Aarhus and Sundakaelir operations. Since we have known Davanti and its experienced employees for years now, we entered this project with great confidence. Davanti did not disappoint us.

We implemented the online WMS CORAX within a very limited timescale, on time and within budget. We are very happy that our operation in Denmark  is supported by a fully cloud-based WMS.’