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Need for better governance

Kamps Transport BV implemented the online warehouse management system CORAX at the end of September 2016 . The warehousing activities of Kamps had increased sharply which provoked the need for better management in the warehouse. Kamps Transport started to investigate the market of WMS’s and finally chose for CORAX with the goal to service its customers  better  with its wide range of warehouse operations.

At the warehouse of Kamps Transport

Speed and real-time

The two major advantages of CORAX in comparison with the former way of working are firstly the speed of processing in this system and secondly the  availability of real-time stock information. The processes, both in the office and on the floor, won time because the staff is now working with scanners; they do not work with pen and paper anymore. Because the CORAX software is intuitive, the employees were quickly accustomed to working with it. The management noticed that the staff experiences the WMS as a very pleasant system; the employees like thinking about the optimal use of it. The WMS acceptance readiness is very high.

About Kamps Transport

Kamps Transport is a family business, started in 1957. The second generation is now in charge; sister Alda and brother Bob Kamps together form the management. Kamps has offices in Pijnacker and Bergschenhoek with 10,000 m2 storage capacity, 41 trucks and 63 employees. In short, a complete logistics service provider for which high quality is the standard.

The transport of trucks and other trucks has become one of the important pillars of the company. Another important business activity is the processing of textile orders executed on behalf of an agent for a number of – fast growing – retailers. Furthermore, Kamps Transport BV transports everything that fits within the possibilities. The company provides the following logistics services:

• Intermodal transport: The company is specialized in intermodal transport, they have their own sales bins on the train.
• Forklifts transport and machine relocation, one of the main businesses is transporting trucks in all shapes and sizes (reach trucks, stackers, hand pallet truck and stacker trucks).
• Container transport of maritime containers to and from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp commissioned by several importers and exporters.
• Groupage transport: transportation of shipments in the Netherlands and neighboring countries.
• Warehousing: annually Kamps unloads an average of 1,200 containers per year with various goods, varying from boxes with textiles to big bags. The containers are sorted following the special wishes of the customers.
• The gas-measuring containers: the drivers are specially trained to measure potentially hazardous gases in containers.
• Customs: Kamps Transport BV AEO is certified

Pas Reform

Pas Reform is an international company with over 100 employees that has specialized in developing innovative breeding solutions for the poultry sector since 1919; the company is a subsidiary of Hydratec Industries NV. The Dutch head office is located in Zeddam and the warehouse in Doetinchem. Pas Reform also has offices in the USA and Brazil, and exports to more than 100 countries. More than 10 billion day-old chicks are hatched in Pas Reform’s incubators every year. Further information can be found on our website:


Pas Reform sought to make the transition from a manufacturer of machinery to a supplier of integrated hatchery solutions. This need for transition was triggered by revenue growth, product package growth, and trends in customer value development, among others. The old situation, characterized by human dependence working with paper, unclear processes and value streams, required improvement. Pas Reform was looking for maneuverability, total process control, and efficiency through digitization. In order to implement these improvements within the supply chain processes, Pas Reform sought a suitable warehouse management system (WMS). After an assessment of WMS programs, Pas Reform chose the online WMS CORAX.

Pas Reform chose CORAX because it is a SaaS solution and because it is functional and financially scalable, but especially because it is a standard package with software that is regularly updated. As a result, the WMS meets both the requirements of Pas Reform and today’s high technological and functional requirements. At Pas Reform, CORAX is linked through interfaces with Microsoft Dynamics platforms.



Pas Reform sought and found the following improvements through the implementation of CORAX:

  • Real-time insight and control of process progress and workload
  • Real-time insight into stocks
  • 100% track and traceability of revenue, consumption, and shipments
  • Rapid and responsible scaling up of capacity
  • Process assurance
  • Employee focus moved from logistics to customer value
  • Location management
  • Availability of data, for instance for KPI reports
  • Single source administration

The new WMS helps Pas Reform to continuously improve processes. The regular updates ensure that it can participate in today’s rapid developments. Questions from the market are processed as soon as possible in CORAX’s functionality and are available in new releases.

Warehouse Doetinchem

Van Lith Transport

Van Lith Transport is an international transport company – started in 1989 – which is able to offer a complete solution to the customer. Van Lith started to use CORAX wms in its warehouse in 2017 in order to get more control over its logistic processes. The company was ready for a next step in its development and professionalization. CORAX wms had Van Lith’s preference after having evaluated the suppliers and its software solutions on a shortlist. Van Lith was triggered by the innovative cloud solution with a quick implementation and low monthly costs.

Personal attention and consultation with customers are key values of Van Lith. In the industrial area in Uden you can find the modern warehouse, where Van Lith is distinguished by the logistics value-added activities. These activities include handling, repacking and repackaging, palletizing of goods, stock control, labeling and stickering.


Scanning with CORAX App in Van Lith warehouse

Van Lith Transport offers different possibilities in the field of transport: distribution in the Netherlands, as well as to the rest of Western Europe. In addition, there are several possibilities in the field of ADR transport and cooled and frozen transportation. Partnerships with trusted Dutch transporters is essential for Van Lith.

Currently, the largest clients are Plastic2Pack & GlobeMilk.

Need for accurate overview

Two topics have been crucial in the decision to purchase a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Firstly, the need for an actual overview of the stock status in the warehouse. In this way, an estimate can be made of the available capacity and a continuous monitoring of the status of incoming and outgoing orders is guaranteed. Secondly, several customers want to know the exact stock position of their products in the warehouse is.

The choice of Davanti’s WMS CORAX is based on the intuitive user interface, the fact that CORAX is fully running in the cloud and is easy to implement. Big advantages are that the system can always be reached online and that the system is functionally and financially scalable.

Van Lith Warehouse

The process

The warehouse of Van Lith transport is the storage location for a number of clients. These clients all use full pallets in and full pallets out. Once a cargo has been unloaded from the truck, it is sent to a manually selected position in the warehouse. Van Lith decided to place the same items in the same category in a block stack location. In addition, a distinction per customer is been indicated in the warehouse.
When an outbound order is made, the pick allocation is effected. By entering the order in CORAX, the right stock is allocated after which the picking process can be started. The internal transporters are sent to the respective pick locations and pallets which have been picked are driven to the outound dock.


In order to have a smooth implementation, Davanti started together with Van Lith a thorough inventory of the activities at an early stage. The various articles, the location structure in the warehouse, the pallet types, users and pallet usage (full pallets) were all exactly known before the configuration.

The greatest benefits of CORAX during the deployment are:

  • Within half a day the master data of the warehouse had been configured
  • After one day, the complete WMS  had been set-up and the first 250 pallets received
  • The customer could perform all the activities independently after the first day and work on without worries

The greatest benefits of CORAX  after the deployment are:

  • The customer was able to add a second principal by himself
  • The go-live of this second customer was a success because of the easy user interface of the WMS
  • The montly costs of the SaaS-product makes live easier for Van Lith
  • No high implementation costs upfront
  • No server rooms needed; all data storage is in the cloud in a fully secured and continuously monitored data center of Microsoft in the Netherlands
  • CORAX is scalable; when Van Lith grows, CORAX wms grows with the size of the company

Newcold Tacoma, USA

Largest Cold Storage

NewCold, the deep-frozen storage and logistics specialist based in The Netherlands, has opened its first fully mechanized facility in the US in Tacoma, Washington, 35 miles south of Seattle. Davanti’s cloud warehouse management systeem CORAX manages the logistics processes in this state-of-the-art cold storage.

The facility is one of the largest in the US with a storage capacity of over 25 million cubic feet, comparable to the volume of Seahawks CenturyLink Field. The innovative cold storage, with approximately 100,000 pallet locations, has been built to suit the needs of Trident Seafoods, the primary tenant. Trident, one of the world’s largest seafood companies, is vertically integrated, harvesting, processing and marketing seafood from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and around the world.


A look at the Highbay

A look at the Highbay


The cold storage uses leading-edge technology including automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to automatically move and store products in the ‘dark’ high-bay warehouse. Operators direct equipment using advanced software systems, while products are kept in optimal conditions with all cold storage areas cooled to sub-zero temperatures. Newcold’s advanced cold chain solution ensures that processes are sustainable, traceable, fully integrated with the processes of NewCold’s customers, and always at the very forefront of technological developments. It offers a high and consistent logistic service level, and above all, offers a more energy-efficient and better food safety alternative to more conventional cold storage solutions.

Warehouse Management

The logistics processes, using high-tech mechanical automation, are controlled by the cloud-based and SaaS warehouse management system CORAX. NewCold has chosen CORAX wms because of the scalability, friendly user interface and simple linking options. CORAX grows along with the operation of the customer, it is easy to learn from new users and is based on the latest technologies from Microsoft. In addition, many reports can be generated with CORAX, with the integrated Power BI tool, which provides in-depth insight into the operation. Mr. Eric van Gilst, Business Development Manager of Davanti, says: “We are proud to contribute with our wms to the optimization of food storage in the USA. It is a pleasure to do this together with NewCold and its client Trident Seafoods.”

NewCold Tacoma

NewCold Tacoma

Along with the leading-edge technologies used in addition to the automated pallet retrieval systems, the building itself is leading edge in that different from conventional construction, this building is supported by the structure of the product storage racks themselves. The low-oxygen environment reduces the risk of fire typically associated with the very dry environments found in a cold storage. This reduction in fire risk in turn allows for a higher volume of product to be stored on a footprint and is designed to require half the energy consumed by conventional cold stores to keep the products optimally frozen.

Recently, NewCold has built a second cold store in the USA, in Burley (ID). The first pallets entered the cold store in May 2019. In this warehouse, the operation is being started up for the primary customer McCain, the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products, which has a production location right next to the cold store. In this state of the art coldstore Davanti’s WMS will manage the warehouse processes as well. Like the Tacoma facility, the Idaho cold storage is highly automated, around 130 feet high and has a storage capacity of 90,000 pallet locations.