Alert Logistics

Last Mile Specialist

Logistics service provider Alert Logistics is very satisfied working with the cloud-based warehouse management software CORAX. The WMS controls the processes in the warehouse in Vianen; Alert’s head office is in Amsterdam.

Alert Logistics focuses on the delivery of the “last mile” to the end customer and, if required, provides added services, such as Assembly and Removal of old product and Packaging for large retailers such as IKEA, Hornbach and iBOOD. With the growth of the business of e-commerce customers in particular, Alert wanted to spread its wings and to this end, an additional warehouse in Vianen was taken into use. To optimize control of the goods in the warehouse in Vianen, Alert has chosen to work with CORAX wms.

Warehouse Alert Logistiek

Warehouse of Alert Logistiek

Move along with Market Trends

Alert has based its decision to switch to a cloud WMS on the movements they see in the market. The following trends have been the most decisive:

    • Cleaner service, cradle to cradle, with a return flow of raw materials; a desire for process optimization
    • The increasing environmental awareness of end customers and clients
    • Higher service level and different expectations with the ‘young connected generation’ in particular
    • The desire to offer added value: Added Services
    • Need for an IT-intelligent interface between client, Retailer and Service partner; there is a lot of interaction between all these parties; all connected!

Frederik Tavenier, Commercial Director of Alert, says:

“We chose CORAX wms because it is a cloud wms that gives us real-time insight into our processes and it also communicates directly with our TMS via an interface. The fixed monthly costs and the automatic, free updates were reasons for us to opt for this innovative WMS.”

“We are also very satisfied with the pleasant cooperation with the implementation team; involved employees who were always easily accessible ”, he adds.

WMS Selection Process

Alert has developed into a multi channel full service partner. Due to volume growth, there was an immediate need to have a WMS that could be linked to the existing TMS. The program of requirements that Alert drew up for this is as follows:

  • Interface with TMS / JSON
  • Functional and adaptive
  • User-friendly, intuitive
  • In the cloud / Microsoft support update
  •  Transparent costs, scalable, flexible
  • Being able to run reports according to your own needs
    Truck Alert Logistics

Frederik Tavenier explains: “After considering the various providers, it turned out that CORAX had the most adaptable, flexible, clear system that was available in a reasonable period of time. First of all, we are users, not owners of an exclusively developed system. The hardware is simple; it’s all about mobile devices such as laptops and scanners. ” Alert makes intensive use of the CORAX App in the warehouse on all their mobile devices for Receipts, Picking, Movements and Counting.

Alert has structured its selection process as follows:

  • Make a market Scan with feasibility study
  • Make a planning for implementation
  • Make a clear roadmap, investigate the TMS interface; no loose ends
  • Compase a project team and get started
  • Start running the WMS within the specified time and budget
  • Future-proof

Alert Logistics is very satisfied with working with CORAX. They particularly appreciate the frequent updates (once per 2 weeks) that ensure that you use the most modern WMS. The backup, support and maintenance of the software are to the complete satisfaction of this customer.

CORAX is scalable, which means that, as your business grows, your WMS grows with you. You can adjust the number of users and add additional locations without any problems.

Davanti is very pleased with the collaboration with Alert and looks forward to growing in this partnership.