About Davanti

Davanti Warehousing is specialist in warehouse management and is a frontrunner in the development of innovative warehouse management systems.

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About Davanti

Davanti strives for satisfied customers and a high service level. Our WMS system contributes to increasing the service level within your company and ensures a higher degree of customer satisfaction. You increase your service level towards your customers through overview, safety and a rapid in- and outbound process. Certainly in today’s world where a 24/7 operation is common, while fast and accurate deliveries play an even more important role.

Our company can now take pride in more than 30 years experience in WMS development: our founders started the business in 1991. We include all this history, complemented with very up-to-date IT and logistics knowledge, in the implementation process. Our people have seen hundreds of warehouses and are able to give sound advice on the optimization of logistical processes. Whether it stores foodstuffs, electronics or dangerous substances, we can support it all.

Our people are enthusiastic and knowledgeable; we become totally aligned with our clients and, wherever this is possible, support you in optimizing your warehouse. Our software can make an important contribution to this. You can see the international appreciation for our WMS in the annual comparison survey carried out by the internationally renowned research company Gartner; Davanti has been named as Notable Vendor for years.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

A Microsoft Gold-Certified partner is a company that has earned the highest standards of Microsoft’s widely-recognized partnership program. Microsoft Gold-Certified partners are said to have a high level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies as well as have best-in-class capabilities for deploying a particular Microsoft business solution. Davanti is proud to be a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner Cloud Platform, which benefits our clients in terms of service and technical expertise.

Our Warehouse Management Systems are developed in Utrecht by over 80 professionals. Although Davanti is based in the Netherlands, it has international experience and ambitions. We also have offices in Poland, Australia and the USA. We have carried out over 200 implementations in 15 countries.


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